Value Home Company is engaged in the field of investment and real estate development, as it adopts a clear in-depth look at presenting a real estate product to its clients that meets the basic principles of the quality of urban life according to international specifications; through the Taj_Watan project in New Cairo which achieves the highest levels of excellence and luxury.

VALUE HOME also seeks to satisfy all customers’ desires so that it can provide them with the difficult equation to own modern housing in the average advance amount, with the longest repayment period, and non-competitive prices per square meter, and a guarantee of building quality and design and strict reliability in delivery times.

VALUE HOME also took into account the provision of all different spaces to suit the potential of all its customers and their needs, in addition to choosing the unique location. It has succeeded in choosing the best place in the Bayt Alwatan of New Cairo with direct view of the main first district street. In addition, Taj_Watan also has its direct entrance from the Suez Road.. which It makes it one of the easiest places to reach Bayt Alwatan square.

In light of the company vision and to fulfill the desires and needs of customers the design of the units was characterized by the architectural luxury, relying on a professional and creative design team, avoiding the tradition and repetition.

VALUE HOME is looking forward in the field of real estate investment and development to be the first company to achieve great understanding with customers by meeting all their requirements and desires through making serious studies of customers’ requirements and the Misri real estate market.